What is a turf pest?

A turf pest is simply a small creature that lives in your lawn and feeds on your grass and grass roots. They can cause significant damage and discoloration and can ultimately kill your lawn if left untreated.

Pests like Chafer grubs, leather jackets are common in new lawns. These two common species of garden pests can wreak havoc on your lawn by attacking the grass root or encouraging birds, badgers and foxes to dig for grubs. If you see a lot of animal activity on your lawn or birds digging and feeding on the grubs then you may have a pest problem.

Lawn pests can destroy your lawn if left untreated. This isn’t uncommon or abnormal especially in new lawns, which is why Lawn Bright have specialist treatments to tackle the problem. We offer a range of specialist lawn insecticide treatments that can help eradicate lawn pests and insects.

As you will see from the photograph the lawn looks patchy. this is because there are pests under the lawn eating away at the roots and killing the lawn.

When should I treat lawn pests?

Lawn pests usually appear during the spring, late summer and early autumn months, this is when you should pay particular attention to your lawn and its inhabitants.

Why should you treat lawn pests?

Unfortunately, lawn pest infestations can go unnoticed for weeks because many lawn pests originate and thrive underneath the soil. We recommend taking immediate action the minute you detect a lawn pest infestation might be developing in your lawn to prevent extensive damage.

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